• 62 years of experience
  • More than 1.500 satisfied customers
  • Bespoke and logoprint possible
  • More than 8.500 products
  • 62 years of experience
  • More than 1.500 satisfied customers
  • Bespoke and logoprint possible
  • More than 8.500 products

General terms of sale and delivery

1. General 
These general terms of sale apply to all our offers and to all agreements with third parties.

2. Offers
Our offers are without obligation.

3. Prices
The prices we quote, unless mentioned otherwise, are exclusive of purchase tax and shipment and transport costs.

The prices agreed upon are based on cost factors as they exist at the time the agreement is made We reserve the right to charge our client a proportional rise in price, in case our suppliers raise theirs, and with other changes in price fixing factors.

4. Forwarding (American English: shipping)
 Forwarding is always, also with franco delivery, at the buyer's risk. We have the choice of way of forwarding and packing.

5. Delivery
The given dates of delivery are to be seen as target dates.
If delivery of the goods does not take place at the time that was agreed upon, we have a right to a thirty-day period for late delivery. This period starts from the date we receive the buyer's summons by registered post.

 If delivery does not take place, even after proof of default, the buyer only has the right to cancel the agreement in writing. The failure of delivery can never, not even after proof of default, give the client a right to claim compensation.

6. Circumstances beyond our control
In case circumstances beyond our control delay or prevent the execution of the agreement, we have the right to cancel the agreement without giving the buyer the right of claiming compensation.

Circumstances beyond our control include the non-delivery or late delivery by our suppliers of goods which we need to carry out our obligations, strikes and impeding governmental measures.

7. Liability and complaints
Complaints connected with deliveries are to be made in writing within 8 days after the goods should have been received by the buyer. If the buyer fails to do so, we consider ourselves to have delivered in accordance with our obligations.

If complaints are made in time, and the goods delivered do not meet the terms of the agreement, it is up to us to decide, after receiving the goods back, whether to deliver again (free of charge) or to credit the buyer's account. We are not committed to any further obligations, in particular, not to any compensation. 

8. Payment
Unless the invoice states otherwise payment is to take place within 30 days after the invoice date.  Possible discounts, in case of cash payment, can be subtracted for payment within the set period, unless one or more other invoices have not been paid.  If the period of payment is exceeded, a 1 % interest is due for every month or part of the month by which the term is exceeded.  A complaint does not postpone the obligation of payment. A settlement of debts is never allowed,  All judicial and extra-judicial collection fees are to be paid by the buyer. The extra-judicial fees are at least 15 per cent of the main amount overdue, but with a minimum of € 250,- and are claimable without any further summons as soon as we have handed the claimable debt over to a third party for collection. 

9. Security
In case of non-payment of an amount, or discontinuance of payment and if there is cause for reasonable doubt on our part concerning the correct execution of obligations by the buyer, after we have come to the agreement, the buyer is obliged, at our first request, to pay in advance or to give security for payment. If the buyer fails to fulfill this obligation, we will regard it as a default and will be entitled to cancel the agreement completely or partly, without further proof of default or court settlement, in which case we can claim a compensation amount, which is at least the same as the buyer owes us according to the agreement 

All goods delivered and to be delivered remain our property until all claims we have or shall have with the buyer, for whatever reason, are settled. If the buyer does not comply with any obligation stated in the agreement, we have then right to take the goods back, without any proof of default being required, in which case the agreement is cancelled without a court settlement, and our right to compensation remains. 

10. Disputes
Dutch law applies to all our agreements. 
Possible disputes will be taken to the Court of the authorized Judge of the city in which we are established and in which we have the right to report a dispute.