• 62 years of experience
  • More than 1.500 satisfied customers
  • Bespoke and logoprint possible
  • More than 8.500 products
  • 62 years of experience
  • More than 1.500 satisfied customers
  • Bespoke and logoprint possible
  • More than 8.500 products


In case you have questions you don't see here in the list below, please feel free to send us your question to info@kroese-exclusief.com

Do yo also supply to private people?
No, we only supply to retailers and registered companies. 

We don't know your company and don't know anything from you. Do we get what we ordered? 
As a specialist in the field of packaging and decorations you can be sure that we will do everything to send your order. Many of our items are in stock and after we recieve your order, we examine what is currently in stock. (Stock = snapshot) You'll quickly get our message (by email or fax) what is to be delivered and when your order will be sent. 

Is it possible to place a backorder by telephone, fax, email or only through internet? 
Yes, that is possible . We only ask you to keep our invoice received at your desk (make a copy of it) or near the phone so you can easily call us and give the name, description, and the color of the item. Further we are able to tell you whether it's available or not at that time. Prices can change without prior notice due to changes in raaw material or errors 

We see all these pictures on your screen. Do they really look like that as the way they are displayed? 
The articles are photographed as good as possible to make sure there's only the slightest difference from the real product. We try to make them look in colour and shape like the original we photograph.. 

How do we know you have new items added to your collection? 
We recommend to visit our website from time to time. Our strength lies among others to add new articles on a frequent basis, new ideas to decorate, interesting prices. That's why we don't use a printed cataloque 

Is it possible to keep us informed about new products and offers etc? 
On a frequent basis whenever we have something new, our clients will receive our newsletter with the latest information about new lines or items . So you are always updated by us. Of course only when you have indicated with your registrations you wanted to receive that. (go to 'my account' to activate or deactivate this) 

How about shipping and way of payment? 
Our clients are spread all over the world. Shipping to the US is possible and shipments generally take appr. 7 working days. For non-overseas countries, we use GLS which is a parcelspecialist. Shipping charges cannot be calculated until we have received your order and actually have pack your shipment as there are restrictions on size/weight, etc. for international packages. We need to actually pack the shipment to see how many cartons it will take. Once we have done this, you will be notified by email as to the shipping cost.  Payment is done via wire transfer (SWIFT payment they call this in Europe) For smaller orders, (below €700), payment can also be made through PayPal. As noted above, you won't be able to actually make the wire transfer or the PayPal payment until your order is ready to ship, as final costs will not be known until this point. If you've never done a wire transfer before, it's really very easy. We will provide you with the necessary details to give to your bank. We don't use creditcardpayments nor do we accept cheques. For countries that are a member of the EU, a valid VAT no. is need in order to avoid the Dutch VAT and get an invoice without this VAT. The number is asked at the moment that you register. Please state carefully on which names it's issued there this number must be checked by us. 

Tradeaccounts are possible only after evaluation and references. Custommade orders/printingorders or special requests that f.e. require specific/new tools are always payment upfront. 

Why do we have to register first before we can enter and go on? 
We prefer to keep things simple and easy in use. It also serves as a way of protection. We simply request you to fill in the information* needed, so that next time when you visit us or order, you only fill in the login name and password provided by us. We then know it's you. When finishing your order, you don't need to fill in again all the information like address, tel. number etc.... . It also serves as a way of protecting our collection. For you as well as for us. And .....don't forget...you have access to our photos with prices. Therefore we only are interested in professional people with serious intentions who have companies like our clients. It goes without saying that we'll deal with your information provided in a confidential way. 

Can I unsubscribe from e-mails? 
All Kroese members have the option to opt-out of receiving the newsletter (by email) from us. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter from us we recommend you opt-out. Simply access 'My Account' and unsubscribe.

Can you gives a extensive listing of all possible productgroups you have in your collection?

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